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Motivational Posters

Some years ago, I came down with a nasty fever. It only lasted a few days, but the fever dreams were terrible. Instead of suffering through them, I simply stayed awake (albeit in bed) until I collapsed from exhaustion.
To keep myself occupied, I started reading the webcomic Homestuck, which my wife described as "I don't really know what it's about, but it's popular." I read the whole thing over two days, which amounted to something like four thousand pages at the time. In my fevered state, the contents were seared into my brain. Deep down, where all my formative memories of childhood are. It doesn't matter that the comic is just over a decade old — it felt (and still feels) like I'd known it forever.
Fevers are weird, yeah?
Anyway, some months later I was organizing my photographs and thought, "Hm, some of these might make pretty good backdrops for those sickingly-sweet motivational posters that uncaring corporate bosses put on office walls so as to convince the employees that the management are real humans and not just evil lizard aliens haphazardly stuffed into a human suit."
You know the ones. So I took some of the photos, and some random not-really-quotable quotes from the comic that I'd now known forever and mashed them together. You'll notice that the text usually doesn't match the picture at all. I'm okay with that.

— Roswell Camp, January 14, 2021