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Scalemate Adventures

The webcomic Homestuck takes place, in part, on a distant world called Alternia. The local civilization there places a lot of attention on heirarchies and obedience and law, and less so on morals. You can usually get away with murder, but you should take pains to make sure it doesn't interfere with Imperial business. They take that seriously.
The civilization in question has movies and entertainment and games, but they're somewhat... different than Earth. One particular thing is that instead of teddy bears, they have little plush dragons called Scalemates. The character that collects them doesn't hold tea parties with them; she puts them on show trials and has them summarily executed. You know, as one does.
When the group behind Homestuck released Scalemates as real-world plush aminals, I knew I had to get some. But the Scalemates in my house are not treated so harshly.

— Roswell Camp, January 14, 2021

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