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Does John Sandford read any of the fan email?

If it requires his personal attention, yes. Most of the time, however, he doesn't. Due to the volume of email sent in, he simply doesn't have time to answer everything and keep writing books.
That said, if you've got a (reasonable) personal request, or you're a friend of his in real life (like someone he knew in college, or from a newspaper he worked at) then I'll forward your email to him directly.

So who answers the email?

I do. I'm the son of the author, and I also manage the website and the author's social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). I've been working with him since the mid-90s, and I can answer almost anything about the books or the author that people ask.
My name's Ros, just so you know. Short for Roswell, no relation to UFOs or aliens. It's an old family name (and, incidentally, the author's middle name).

So what's the email address already?

The current email address is webmaster [at] JohnSandford [dot] org.
No, there aren't any click-and-email links anywhere. Thanks to spam, you'll have to type in the address manually. Sorry about that.
Also, don't forget that second 'd' in the name. An awful lot of people try to write to and I have no idea where their emails end up. Not with me, that's for sure.

What about online chat?

First things first: the author does not do online chat, outside of a few very carefully curated events. He doesn't really do Facebook, and he doesn't really do Twitter. If you meet someone online who claims to be John Sandford, they are lying.
That might sound kind of harsh, but it's a problem I've had to deal with before. Several times now, someone has tried to scam people by pretending to be the author. Sometimes they'll even use the author's photo, taken directly from the Facebook page. It's not him. The only official contacts are the Facebook feed, the twitter feed, and the website email. And I'm the one who gets all of those.
The author does occasionally do stuff under his real name — he's a regular contributor to some photography forums online — but don't stalk him there, please.

What about postal mail / FedEx / UPS / etc.?

Nope. I'm not going giving out my postal address. It has led to abuse in the past. Abuse from people who did not understand that they were doing anything wrong, even after being told. So... don't use this method.