P is for Prey

P is for Prey!
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"Everyone calls it Alphabet City. The streets are letters, the avenues are letters, there's no names on anything. There's crack on every corner, cops on the take, lawyers just looking for the next person to sue, graft on a huge scale in city hall... it ain't exactly paradise."

From the skeleton pier to the burned-out mall, Santa Teresa's the uncontested gem of California's new recession look. Criminal gangs rule the night, the brutally efficient police hold the day. Lucas Davenport, ostensibly trying to enjoy a vacation, finds himself stranded there, stuck in the middle.
But an outsider is exactly who both sides want to employ, because a mysterious third party wants both sides dead. A shadowy figure who strikes with no warning, leaves no trace, and seemingly walks through walls like a ghost. But this ghost has a sense of humor as well, and is killing off people... in alphabetical order.
Lucas doesn't believe in ghosts, and he's determined to get to the bottom of things, if only to save his own skin. But the more he digs, the more he brings to light a decades-old conspiracy. The killings aren't simple revenge, and they're more than just chaos. They're art.
And unless he find the mastermind behind it, he may find that the next masterpiece starts with the letter L....

April 1, 2013