Fifty Shades of Prey

Fifty Shades of Prey!
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"I forgive indiscretions as a matter of routine. What I do not forgive is foolishness.

Abraham Black is a study in contrasts. A rail-thin albino in a bespoke charcoal suit. A cunning professor of linguistics and a ruthless venture capitalist. A billionaire who rose to power from the streets. Outspoken but reserved, restrained yet excessive. Priestly but perverted. He has no shades of grey in his life, and has no need for any. What drives him is the hunt for someone he can teach. Someone to be his next prey.
Laetitia Divan is a small-town girl with big-world dreams. But the dreams shattered on the cold and unfeeling streets of the real world, leaving her isolated, alone, and oh so very vulnerable. She is the perfect person, Black feels, to receive his special brand of education.
But Laetitia Divan is a fiction. Her real name is Letty Davenport, FBI agent and adoptive daughter of a retired state investigator. Her job is to go deep under cover, penetrate Black's empire of depravity, and bring it down. But this job will be harder than most, because of a personal connection.
For Abraham Black may be Letty's real father. And the intrigue only deepens from there...

April 1, 2013