Solar Prey

Solar Prey!
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"He's working for the Sun!"

Tragedy strikes on a routine trip to the Sun. Pan Am space flight 711 is crippled by a rogue solar flare. In the same instant, high sunspot activity knocks out the space-radio and laser-telegraph, and an unexpected total eclipse leaves them blind and adrift.
But passenger Lucas Davenport of the Minnesota Space Police doesn't think it's all a coincidence. He thinks it's sabotage. Someone, for some reason, wants to stop the flight, and it has to be one of the passengers. But who? And why?
Could it be rugged space captain Cosmo Ranger? Fellow passenger and beautiful heiress Kourtney de Luna? The crazy but brilliant scientist Solomon Apollo? The only one Lucas trusts is the ship's monkey, Bingo. But even Bingo has his own agenda...
With night falling and time running out, Lucas has to unravel a conspiracy larger than any he's dealt with before, or the Sun may never rise again.

April 1, 2013