Patriotic Prey

Patriotic Prey!
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"Politics is made out of lies. Everyone in it lies, all the time, about everything. It's what we do."

Lucas Davenport doesn't care for politics, so when the President visits Minnesota to deliver a speech about farm subsidies, Lucas stays well away. He'll figures he'll only get involved if someone blows up the event.
Which, of course, someone promptly does.
But the President isn't amongst the dead, and he's not amongst the survivors. He's not anywhere at all. The Secret Service has no idea what's happened, and a veritable alphabet soup of government agencies are swarming the area, trying to get a grip on the situation.
The Governor calls in Lucas, since he trusts Lucas's instincts more than the combined resources of Washington's intelligence community. "Find out what happened," he tells Lucas. "These people don't know anything about this state. You do."
But the conspiracy Lucas finds is as cold and dark as a Minnesota winter. With the entire political machine of the US government watching over him, he knows that one false move could damage the nation. And the consequences will never be the same...

April 1, 2013