Eat Prey Love

Eat Prey Love!
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Zalgo comes!

Weather Davenport's fed up. She's tired of the pressure of being an amazingly talented surgeon. She's tired of being beautiful and independently wealthy. She's tired of being married to a rugged, intelligent, caring man who loves her dearly. But mostly, she's tired of being kidnapped every other book even though it's only happened once in the entire series whatever the "fans" might think.
And so she decides to get away from it all — away from the fame, the money, the contentment, the love and companionship — and rough it at a run-down lodge on the voodoo-infested beaches of an isolated Caribbean island. With nothing but sun, surf, sand, and tens of thousands of cultists to hold her back, she's in for a journey of self-discovery.
Will the inevitable zombie outbreak help her get in touch with her feminine side? Will the resurrection of the Underlord teach her anything about the life she could have had? And in the face of global uncreation, will she finally be able to find... herself?

April 1, 2014