Lettuce Prey

Lettuce Prey!
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"Let us help you. Let us help you help yourself..."

Lucas Davenport's been a law officer for almost thirty years, and he thinks he's seen it all. Multiple murders, sex offenders, psychopathic loners, spree killers, political operatives. People getting orders from God. People getting orders from aliens. A communist chimpanzee pimp. The list, he thought, was getting a bit stale.
But when prominent vegans and organic farmers start getting slaughtered — their livers eaten right out of their still-warm bodies — Lucas begins to suspect that there's a new kind of crazy out there.
But this particular crazy isn't just one person. It's many. A movement with disciples, and with the fervor of that old-time religion. And the most terrifying members may be far closer than he realizes...

April 1, 2014