The Clockwork Trilogy: Prey

The Clockwork Trilogy: Prey!
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The sun is setting, but there is no night.
Winter is coming, but it never arrives.
There is no time. There is only now.

In the eternal twilight, eternal autumn of the System, every day, every hour, every moment is arranged like clockwork. It is Lucas's job to keep it that way.
Lucas is a Watchman, one of the elite teenage warriors tasked with maintaining the status quo. Stop those who would defy order. Kill those who would defy the System.
Weather is his opposite: a teenage rebel, a rogue element slipping effortlessly between the gears of the System. She wants to tear everything down, she says, to change the world, to make it what it was before the neverending now. And it's Lucas's job to put a stop to her madness.
But deep in his mind, he knows that all of this is wrong. He has memories that aren't his, but feel like they should have been. Memories of a time before now, a time when he was older, a time before the System, when there was more than just the same unending routine. Memories of Weather. A better time, and a better Time.
But going against the System is not just difficult — it's impossible. How can you defy a power that is everywhere at once, but nowhere you can strike? How can you outwit an enemy that already knows what you will do, and that has already won? How can you kill the Timekeepers?

April 1, 2015