The Girl Who Stalked Her Prey

The Girl Who Stalked Her Prey!
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"I know everything she's doing, because it's exactly what I would do in her situation. The only problem is, I'm about a day behind where she is. By the time I catch up, she's moved on. I'm getting closer. But she knows that too..."

Chet Ryerson was a rapist, never convicted. He had a string of accusers, and a string of acquittals... right up until he got hit by a train. And while the train explained his death, it didn't explain who had tied him to the tracks.
Letty Davenport — an FBI agent and the daughter of a retired U.S. Marshal — has a lead on a suspect: a foreign exchange student turned drifter. Her file from Interpol is full of allegations and speculations, but no proof of anything. It's unclear how she even got in to the country. But she did, and now she's Letty's problem.
But the more Letty tracks her quarry, the more she realizes that the two of them are more alike than not. This is someone Letty could have been if things had gone slightly differently... if she hadn't gotten a helping hand at a critical time.
And the more she learns about the circumstances surrounding the murder, she realizes that there were almost certainly other killings... and they might all be justified...

April 1, 2019