Boring Prey

Boring Prey!
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"Hey Chet, y'ever consider what a miraculous place the world is? How we're limited beings with nevertheless limitless potential, capable of the greatest wonders or horrors the Earth has ever witnessed?"
"Nope, can't say as I have."
"Yeah, me neither."

The town of Boring, Nebraska, lives up to its name. Or, perhaps, down to it. The population stands at just seventeen people, and there aren't any stores, or streetlights to come on at night. The only notable thing about the town is that it's somehow got a crossroads with only one road. Nothing happens here. Ever.
Except one of the citizens may be the Butcher of Ogallala, one of top fifty most notorious serial killers in all of western Nebraska. Lucas Davenport has been sent there to find out whether or not it's true. And, if it is, he has to take appropriate measures to bring the suspect to justice.
That was three months ago. Before Lucas's car got stuck. Before he found out that his cellphone had no reception. Before the seasons changed from mud to dirt, and the weather changed from not-entirely-cold to not-quite warm. He's talked to everyone in town, because there's literally nothing else to do, and he's no closer to solving the case than he was when he started.
With all the enthusiasm he can muster — which isn't that much, given the situation — Lucas resorts to desperate tactics to get someone to make the first move. But this is a town where nobody ever moves. A town where time doesn't so much stand still as it does lie down for a quick nap.
And somewhere, out there, a killer may be waiting... waiting... waiting... waiting... waiting... waiting... waiting...

April 1, 2019