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Lucas Davenport

Rules of Prey
Shadow Prey
Eyes of Prey
Silent Prey
Winter Prey
Night Prey
Mind Prey
Sudden Prey
Secret Prey
Certain Prey
Easy Prey
Chosen Prey
Mortal Prey
Naked Prey
Hidden Prey
Broken Prey
Invisible Prey
Phantom Prey
Wicked Prey
Storm Prey
Buried Prey
Stolen Prey
Silken Prey
Field of Prey
Gathering Prey
Extreme Prey
Golden Prey
Twisted Prey
Neon Prey
Masked Prey
Ocean Prey

Ocean Prey · Preview Chapters

Ocean Prey, the thirty-first novel in the Prey series featuring U.S. Marshal Lucas Davenport, will be released on April 13th, 2021.

I will post the preview chapters when I've been given the official go-ahead by Putnam. Until then, this page is a placeholder.